Whether you are on vacation, have a busy schedule, or it's just another day at the office, McBuddies Pet Care will be there to feed, walk, play, and give attention to your pets. The bonus for you is absolute peace of mind knowing that your furry friends are receiving plenty of love and attention while you’re out.



Keeping Your Pets Happy

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A free initial consultation gives both you and your pet the opportunity to meet me and discuss your needs in detail. It also gives you the opportunity to view my professional portfolio of certificates and ask any questions you may have. During the consultation I take time to listen carefully to your requirements to ensure we are well suited. I am happy to agree a trial period

Dogs with Dog Walker


My walking groups are small and carefully selected, enabling me to provide a safe and enjoyable experience in a variety of locations.  I offer group walks for a maximum of 4 dogs with well matched temperaments and fitness/activity levels. This ensures I can give each dog the attention they deserve. 
My smaller groups mean less time spent in the vehicle during collections and drop offs. For added travel comfort and safety, your dog is individually secured into the vehicle. Every dog is left towel dried and with fresh water.
For dogs requiring my undivided attention I am happy to offer 'one to one' walks. On this basis I am able to offer extra training and socialisation for your dog if required.

Group walk: - 30 Minutes £ 6.00 for one dog. £10.00 for 2 dogs from the same household. £15.00 for 3 dogs from the same household

60 Minutes £8.00 for one dog.£12.00 for 2 dogs from the same household.  £17.00 for 3 dogs from the same household. 

Individual walk for dogs who cannot socialise etc: £10 for 30 minutes £12 for 60 minutes. 

Book 5 dog walks and get a 10% discount!

Making Funny Face


These visits include feeding, changing water, cleaning up any accidents and lots of playtime and cuddles! I will provide support and advice to ensure your puppy becomes toilet trained at the earliest opportunity. It is essential that your puppy is carefully socialised with correct exposure to a variety of experiences.
Once your puppy has had their vaccinations I can increase their socialisation opportunities, including introductions to some of our doggy role models. As your puppy matures and is able to be left 'home alone' for longer periods, we will review his or her needs and accommodate changing requirements. When your puppy is old enough they are welcome to join one of our small, friendly daily walking groups.

£8 per 30 minutes visit or £13 for 2 visits per day

Sleeping Dogs


Ideal for elderly dogs or those recovering from illness or injury. Visits include feeding and fresh water provision, garden toilet breaks (or a short walk if needed) cleaning up any accidents, giving prescribed medication and plenty of tender loving care. As with our other service provision, this service is preceeded by a free home consultation - I will always take time and care to fully discuss your pet's special needs.

£8 per 30 minutes visit or £13 for 2 visits per day

Cat in Basket


I advise this as the kinder option for cats when their owners are away. I adhere to each cat's routine as much as possible. This service includes feeding and changing water, cleaning litter trays, giving prescribed medication and petting /playtime. Even my shy cat clients have responded well to me! Holiday cover includes watering plants, opening/closing curtains, bringing in post, and putting out /bringing in bins if required.
£6 per 30 minute weekday visit or £10 for 2 visits per day

Chameleon on a Branch


This service may suit smaller animals such as hamsters, gerbils, fish and birds, snakes, reptiles etc. It includes feeding and providing fresh water, giving prescribed medication, cleaning out hutches/cages and giving time to interact with your pet according to their individual need. Visits made for your holiday also includes the following if required: watering plants, opening/closing curtains, bringing in post, putting out/bringing in bins.
£6 per 20 minute visit * or £8 per 40 minute visit

Animal Rescue and Care


Starting in May 2020



My pet taxi service is ideal for pet owners who do not have a suitable method of transport and need to take their pets to the vets or any other destination. You may prefer to keep your car clean and free from pet hair or you may just not have the time to take your pet where it needs to go.
You may not drive and taxi drivers can be very reluctant to carry pets in their vehicles.
I provide a pet taxi service where I can help you with home relocation, take your pet to and from the vet, cattery, kennels, grooming etc.The cost of this service will be advised on request as is dependent on the length and time of the journey required for your pet taxi. 


Hi, my name is Louise and in my picture are my own 2 dogs Nancy and Badger. From a young age my passion for animals was evident. I have always had an innate caring nature and went into the public health sector after leaving university. However, after a career break I have found my love for animals again. I have experienced all the ups and downs of owning animals and can empathise with my customers when they show love for their pets. I promise I will care for your animal as if it is my own, with lots of love, care and attention. I am a qualified veterinary technician including animal First aid. I have 8 years experience dealing with sick/elderly animals. I am experienced in delivering medication. I have a full, clean and clear criminal records check which I bring to all consultations. I am fully insured. Make your home look lived in while you're away and give you piece of mind someone is watching out for it. Holiday cover includes watering plants, opening/closing curtains, bringing in post, and putting out /bringing in bins if required. As an added pet and property security measure for my clients I have no vehicle signage. I am conscious that signed vehicles parked outside your home may indicate that it is unoccupied for periods of time. 



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